Hola, I craft visual design systems for software products in London.
And I like popcorn.

A software product is basically a sheet of paper —minus the razor-sharp edges. It needs a visual design system to make the content structured and create a consistent product that can be iterated efficiently. Users can sense when a product is well built, and thank for a cohesive interactive experience.

That's where I can help. Check out some of my works below.

Skype Universal Windows App for Desktop

Skype Universal Windows App (UWP)

I led the adaptation of Microsoft's Visual Design Language and Windows 10's patterns into Skype. I designed a toolkit for other designers to easily follow the system. This toolkit specified from how spacing and sizing should be applied to the use of each colour.

Skype for MacSkype for Mac

Skype for Web and updates to other Skype apps

I worked with 2 designers to bring Skype for Web to life, an adaptation of the classic Skype app. We collaborated to overcome the technical limitations and adapted the UI for a touch-friendly experience. I also worked on improving individual features of Skype for Mac and Windows Classic, such as the contacts page and sharing a chat.

Siemens Website 1

Siemens' website

While working for Frog Design, I helped designing a new website for one of Siemens' brands, the largest engineering company in Europe. We designed how the company appears, product pages as well as a new community system.

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